The Significance of Your Contributions

BE Dance Studios strives to keep classes affordable and of great value to our families and communities. Our program strives to engage and provide opportunities for our students, our teachers and our families to thrive. We are committed to creating a safe environment where people are valued, happy and healthy. Through your tax deductible contribution to BE Dance Studios, you help:

  • Provide scholarships for students of exceptional talent and/or need
  • Funding for special events/performances for the community
  • Assistance in hosting amazingly inspirational professional ballerinas such as Makayla DePrince of the Dutch National Ballet & Christina Spigner of Miami City Ballet
  • Aide in reducing the expense of costumes and class attire for students
  • Assistance with the expense of maintenance and upkeep of a safe facility
  • Assistance in purchasing new equipment and safety apparatus.
  • Provides funding to expand our movement into the world.
  • Much, much more

Programming & Events


Messages from our community

A part of our family...

We joined BE Dance Studios in November 2009. It started as a way to develop for my shy 2 year old to develop social skills and prepare her for daycare, into molding her into the beautiful, confident young lady she is today.  Since then she has participated in many recitals, was an active member of the BE Dance Company and gained several roles in the studios' annual rendition of the Nutcracker. BE Dance Studios has welcomed us into their family and my husband and I surely feel as though BE Dance Studios is a part of ours.

— Kristal B.

Forever thankful...

I could never begin to thank the staff at BE Dance Studios enough for all they have done for my girls and I. They have given them experiences and skills that they will be able to take with them throughout life. Their maturity, work ethic and outgoing nature are a direct result of the opportunities they have had at BE Dance Studios. The studio itself is unmatched, and for that I am forever thankful.

— Roshonda E.




Endless are the possibilities...

At BE Dance Studios, the classroom is just the beginning. Training is where passion is infused, ability is progressed, history is translated and the future becomes possible. However, the future does not end with a single performance. The future is the many possibilities and doors that become available through the tools and attitudes developed with dance training. Suddenly, we have the ability to understand deeper connections - of ourselves and with others, we develop the ability to articulate and translate perpetually across generations, and we become more readily open to create and accept innovative solutions to problems we face, while handling them with grace under pressure.

Create a possibility and contribute to future programming, partnerships, student/artist development, and/or innovative solutions. Your contribution is valued and significant, because it makes a tremendous difference not only in our community, but also in the many communities beyond ourselves that we touch. BE Remarkable and make a contribution today.